Clive Allen

Clive Allen is a world-renowned magician and illusionist, having performed his large production shows in more than thirty states throughout the U.S. as well as Asia!  Clive blurs the line between fantasy and reality while performing some of the most incredible illusions in all of magic, many of which he created himself or modified from standard effects into modern day masterpieces.  Some of Clive Allen's inventions are now being performed by other top illusionists in their award-winning shows!
But, there is more to Clive than just the magic...  He is also a headlining comic, a certified hypnotist, a world-class singer, public speaker and lecturer.  With over thirty years of experience speaking to crowds of all sizes, genders, ethnicities and cultural backgrounds, Clive is an incredible communicator both on the mic and in personal interactions with customers, guests and clients.  Not only will Clive Allen provide you with an entertainment experience you will never forget, he will be a true ambassador for your company or organization.  In these times, can you really afford to gamble on anyone else?