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"Dear Clive Allen,

Your Bully Free - You and Me! Program was absolutely amazing and the message that was incorporated with the show was phenomenal!!!! Our principal and teachers who have sat thru numerous assemblies said this was the best program they have EVER SEEN!!! Your high energy performance kept everyone's attention and the message is one I believe all students need to hear, especially with bullying being such a big issue! You have definitely set the bar high and I don't think there is any other program that will ever top your performance! I will highly recommend this program to all schools!!!

Thank you,

Julie Earl, Norwood Elementary PTO President"


Bully Free - You and Me!  is AMAZINGLY AFFORDABLE!  We believe there is NO higher calling than to help prevent bullying in our schools, so we make our programs UNBELIEVEABLY affordable for EVERY school.  Our one-man show starts at just $350 for one show* or $500 for two shows* (same date / same location) and our large illusion program is just $800 for one show* or $1000 for two shows* (same date/same location).  This is a large-scale, two person illusion production that students will NEVER forget for the cost of a much smaller show with much less impact!  Other shows are available for different size budgets.
*Additional travel expenses may apply.

Bully Free - You and Me! is quite possibly the most important assembly program your students will ever see.  Combining world class magic and illusions with powerful life-changing messages, this program is an experience students will never forget!
Bully Free - You and Me!  is the creation of Master Magician Clive Allen, who overcame incredible obstacles to realize his dream of becoming a World Renowned Illusionist.  Clive's message along with the incredibly stunning visual impact of Bully Free - You and Me! make it unlike any other assembly program being offered today.  Bully Free - You and Me! is truly destined to change the world!

Program Topics Include:
Bullying is Not an Illusion!
Our Differences Are Our Strength!
The Power of Positive Words!
Believing in Yourself!
Overcoming Challenges!

Video Clips

To see performance clips of some of our incredible illusions and messages in action, click below!

Magic is an Illusion, Bullying is Not! (Sword Box Illusion)

My Disability

The Power of Positive Words

How Powerful You Are! (Phone Book Tear)

An Amazing Puzzle!

To see how easy it can be to incorporate Bully Free - You and Me!  into your current curriculum, call C.A.P. Entertainment today at (215) 541-3336 or Email callenmagic@yahoo.com.